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Todo Backup Advanced Server. Want to invert colors on your iPhone 7 or other iPhone models with iOS 10?

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If your answer is "Yes", you are at the right place now. Here in this article is the tip for inverting colors on iPhone 7 with iOS Since the method for other iPhone models with earlier iOS versions is slightly different, it is also mentioned in this article.

How to Invert Colors to Turn On Dark Mode or Night Mode on iPhone (UPDATED FOR iOS 12)

Read on to know the details. Related Blog: Step 3: Step 4: Then you will see " Invert Colors " on the top of the screen. Toggle it on to invert colors on your iPhone 7. Including the new iPhone 8 or iPhone X? It's the same old Google Maps you know and love, but the colors are fun and different, and the app itself is easier on your eyes, though it takes some getting used to.

It's worth noting that while smart invert works on some third-party apps — Facebook, Google Maps, and Email by Edison Mail among them — it doesn't work well with others. When trying it on Instagram and Pinterest, smart invert swapped the colors in every photo, giving them the night-vision effect. So while those apps will still work, it may be best to use smart invert only at night or in dark rooms.

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  4. The effect can be a bit overwhelming at first, and if your app already has a lot of black colors, the screen may even get brighter than before when everything inverts to white. The majority of apps, however, use light colored backgrounds more frequently than dark, and tasks like email and Web browsing in Safari will be much easier on the eyes in a dark room with colors inverted.

    How to turn iPhone Screen Black and White or Invert Colors

    The best part is that you quickly turn this feature on and off as needed, which will come in handy during late night browsing sessions or as a passenger using the iPhone during an all-night road trip. If you really hate the iOS invert colors option, or want to set a different accessibility feature as the home button shortcut, just head back to the location in Settings identified above and tap Invert Colors again to deselect it.

    If you do so, a menu will appear when you triple-click the home button, asking you which of your enabled options you wish to activate.