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Apple iPhone 7 GB Unlocked. Apple iPhone 6s GB Unlocked. The iPhone X rendered better saturation on our colorful balcony windows test scene, albeit with slightly strong reds, compared to the Google Pixel 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

It had great saturation between 20 and Lux, although the color in extreme low light is noticeably less vivid due to underexposure. Color shading is also extremely well-controlled, with consistent color across the frame evident in both bright and low-light shots, which is something we rarely see with smartphone images. When shooting moving scenes, the iPhone X will get you sharp images as well.

Those occasional slight delays aside, the focus hit rate was excellent, so you can be confident of snapping consistently in-focus shots in all lighting conditions. A good overall score for texture, with excellent fine detail preservation in static scenes outdoors, and very acceptable results in low-light conditions. However, scenes with subject movement are more challenging for capturing fine detail, and although in very bright conditions texture is good, subject movement can be blurred in low light.

In handheld images of the DxOMark test chart, you can see fine detail is excellent in very bright light Lux , and remains very good under indoor lighting conditions Lux. A very good score for artifacts, which are generally well-controlled, and excellent results for sharpness across the field, as well as for vignetting , distortion , and chromatic aberration.

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Color quantization pixelation is frequently visible in large areas of uniform color. Some flash fall-off is visible, resulting in darker corners, but the effect is less pronounced than on the iPhone 8 Plus. In both flash-only and mixed light scenes, the iPhone X shots display neutral white balance, with repeatable results over consecutive exposures. Some color quantization pixelation is visible in homogenous areas, and a very noticeable red eye effect occurs, but detail preservation is good, with low levels of noise.

Using the 2x optical zoom, fine detail preservation is excellent in both outdoor and indoor conditions; and although softer and noisier in extreme low light, zoom shots remain acceptable.

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Digital zoom shots at 4x are also very good when shooting outdoors, and are acceptable at 8x, but good detail preservation in lower light conditions using the digital zoom remains challenging. The iPhone X achieves a Video score of 89 points, with almost identical results and scores as for the iPhone 8 Plus. Low light remains challenging with iPhone X videos, however, with noticeable underexposure, visible luminance noise, and slight irregularities in autofocus and tracking affecting sharpness — although considering the conditions, these remain just about acceptable.

The iPhone X is capable of recording 4K resolution at 60 frames per second but this mode was not tested for our analysis. With all of the analyses completed, the scores calculated, and the results verified, the iPhone X turns in an excellent result, delivering outstanding images for smartphone photography enthusiasts. The overall score is affected by a slightly lower result for video, but at 97 points, the iPhone X ties with the Huawei Mate 10 for the second-highest score in our database of overall mobile image quality.

For portraits, the improved telephoto lens delivers sharp results even indoors, and the bokeh simulation produces a natural and pleasing background blur. Outdoors, exposures are outstanding, with great dynamic range, impressive skies, good fine detail, and punchy color rendering. Add to all that the extra features on the front-facing camera, including a Portrait mode for blurred-background selfies, and the iPhone X delivers one hell of a smartphone camera.

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  7. A note about image formats for this review: So to ensure that the images we used in the review display properly on a wide variety of browsers and devices, we converted the originals from DCI-P3 to sRGB using Photoshop which is why the published test photos show Photoshop as the creator. This can slightly reduce the richness of color in some cases from what you would see when viewing the original images on a DCI-P3-calibrated display with appropriate software.

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    HEIF is very similar to JPEG , but provides better compression for similar image quality, so the conversion makes the sample image file sizes larger than they were when shot. Please note, however, that unlike our test images, some of the comparison photos used in this review were shot in JPEG and used as-is for illustrative purposes, and were not used to compute scores. We are hiring! Key camera specifications: Test summary With a Photo score of , the Apple iPhone X achieves the best results so far for still images, edging out the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the previous joint leaders in the Photo ranking, by one point.

    Bright light Shooting outdoors or in bright light conditions, the iPhone X boasts excellent exposures and copes very well with high-contrast scenes, ensuring good detail preservation in both highlights and shadows. The iPhone X boasts excellent exposures outdoors or in bright light, with accurate and repeatable white balance, nice color rendering, and well-defined fine detail preservation.

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    The iPhone X also handles high-contrast scenes well, with good highlight detail and particularly nice skies with impressive clouds. Indoor pictures offer generally accurate target exposures, with neutral white balance and pleasant color. Apple iPhone X — bokeh simulation in Portrait mode. Apple iPhone 8 Plus — bokeh simulation in Portrait mode. Despite great results shooting backlit portraits outdoors, we had less success with our indoor backlit window portrait, resulting in both an underexposed subject and overexposed highlight detail through the window.

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    Images from the Apple iPhone X at 1 Lux are noticeably underexposed but remain just about useable. Good texture and fine detail is possible on the iPhone X for both static and motion scenes in bright light between and Lux. In low light, however, sharpness is noticeably reduced, which is particularly evident in scenes with movement.