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Emergency Mobile Charger using AA Batteries

Steps to follow: Cut out the micro end of the USB cable cable and clip of the data cables. Now using a solder iron make the following connections as given below: Paste the IC on the battery holder using a glue gun so as to secure it on the surface Install four AA size batteries in the battery holder Make sure they are charged!

The type of connector will depend on the device to be charged. Meanwhile, Apple uses a proprietary pin dock connector for its iPads, iPods, and most iPhone units. There are multiple connector vendors for the Micro-USB receptacle. You can cut an available charging cable to avoid the difficulty of getting the right connector. Cutting the cable also makes it easier to check for the wire colors: The charging circuit can be assembled with discrete lead wires Fig.


Diode D1 provides protection against reverse polarization, in case the batteries are inserted incorrectly in the holder. There are many different standard AA batteries Table 2.

How to Make an Emergency Mobile Phone Charger using AA Batteries at Home - Power Bank Just 1 Minute

They can all be in parallel. Table 3 reviews some available cell phones along with their battery capacity.

Emergency Mobile Charger Using AA Batteries

Do NOT mix battery chemistries! This design will provide current on demand to the circuit charger of your end device. The charging time depends on the type of batteries used and the target device to be charged. The right combination of AA batteries will provide more energy to the target device to fully charge it. A higher-current device such as the third-generation iPad will need larger batteries C or D size to provide enough current for the portable target, which can be accommodated by changing the battery holder.

Although a POL is a quick approach, it has low charging speed due to the limited current it can supply mA maximum. A fully discharged battery will take more current, and the charging current drops when it is fully charged.

Adapters Charge Cell Phones Using Standard AA Batteries | Electronic Design

An alternative is to design your own dc-dc converter using a boost approach and IC such as the LM, a step-up converter capable of providing 5 V at 1 A from the batteries, with a BOM under a dollar Fig. Again, the end device will take only the current required to charge itself. David Bonyuet has been a passionate electronic gadgeteer and hacker for more than 20 years.

Electronic Design brought to you by. When there's no AC line available, but you need to charge your cell or smart phone, why not make use of the ubiquitous AA cells? These two simple circuits let you use available AA cells, regardless of chemistry, to recharge the internal battery in your device. Ideas for Design.