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It still delivers that many copies of the White Pages business and government directory — unless a household opt out — and the Yellow Pages. Revelations that so few copies were requested shows how low demand really was for the printed phone directory.

Many Australians have ditched their fixed phone line, preferring to use the White Pages online, store all the contact numbers they need in a mobile phone, or communicate through social media and email. As part of its licence conditions, Telstra must maintain an alphabetical list of all telephone numbers, provide directory assistance, publish public number directories, and operate emergency call services and warning services.

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The Australian Communications and Media Authority confirmed Telstra could still meet its licence conditions by providing directory assistance itself and contracting Sensis to produce and distribute the White Pages. The Sydney judge contacted Telstra to have a phone line set up for a home alarm system he had installed to address work-related security concerns in April last year.

After it connected the line, the judge discovered Telstra had published his name, address, and the number of the phone line in the White Pages online and in print. Pilgrim ruled that then-Telstra subsidiary Sensis, which is charged with updating the phone directory, should have made it clear to the man that his details would appear in the directory under the terms of the now superseded privacy principles. It argued the White Pages are so well known that any fixed line customer should reasonably assume their details will be listed unless they specifically ask for a silent number.

The telco also pointed to a condition of the Privacy Act that exempts disclosures required by law, which Telstra says should cover the publishing of the judge's details because directory listings are a condition of its carrier licence under the Telecommunications Act. But this defence was rejected by Pilgrim, who countered that the licence condition does not constitute a legal obligation. He also judged that it was not necessarily reasonable for an average customer to expect a non-voice service — like an alarm connection — to end up in the phone directory.

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On top of the fine, Telstra has been ordered to issue a written apology to the judge. The Privacy Commissioner said the telco has begun to change its processes for signing up new customers to make it clear they will be listed in the directory as default unless they signal otherwise.

Since his contact details were made public, the Sydney judge said he had been forced to apply for an interstate transfer out of fear for his safety. Telstra, however, maintained it has done nothing wrong. Got a news tip for our journalists? Share it with us anonymously here.

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