The BlackBerry Bold is one classy phone. It's the mobile equivalent of a handsome chap in a s Classy looks and a perfect fusion of touchscreen and physical keyboard means the BlackBerry Bold is ideal for both business and pleasure. It's the mobile equivalent of a handsome chap in a sharp These devices pack a powerful processor under the frame unlike traditional Blackberry devices and come in great designs. The Blackberry Bold If I said the Bold is expensive it would be an understatement. It costs a whopping Rs 30, I mean you can buy this if you are a Black It's always hard to find anything to complain about in the way BlackBerry phones handle calls and contacts.

There's a wealth of information about your contacts, and you can, of course, connect them to your social networks.

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Voice calls have clear sound Great at communicating and handling documents, Impressive battery life, Good quality screen with plenty of brightness, Workable touchscreen interface The BlackBerry Bold is the perfect choice for the busy pro, but less impressive multimedia features mean it's definitely not an all-rounder.

If you want a wider range of features from an RIM handset, you should look elsewhere in the BlackBerry ran The latest BlackBerry at first glance looks like a throwback to the first Bold. It's noticeably wider than the most recent models - strange when compactness is valued so highly in a mobile. But RIM seems to have prioritised the new handset's slimness and i BlackBerry returns with an update of the classic — but is the Black Berry Bold for you? It was also the first 3G BlackBerry, which many peo BlackBerry has been up against it recently, its handsets really only holding their own based on people's love of the form factor and their abilities at basic phone duties.

When it came to apps, web browsing, and other smartphone fripperies, though, they l Stylish design, Great screen quality, Superb keyboard Small screen, Very limited app store All told then, the BlackBerry Bold is just about the perfect upgrade for existing BlackBerry users, assuming you can live with the slight drop in battery life. The keyboard's excellent, the touchscreen's great, performance is stellar, and the new sof RIM has a struggle on its hands to stay in the game while Apple and lately Google's Android sweep the board in the smartphone stakes.

The Canadian company isn't sitting on its text-weary thumbs though, and has just announced three new models, including Screen's too small for movies, Not a lot of apps available, Browser could be better The BlackBerry Bold is yet another good, solid workhorse of a BlackBerry phone that does most things fairly well, and excels at messaging, which is pretty much what the brand was built on.

But as its rivals continue to innovate, RIM seems to be ju RIM's BlackBerry Bold is the thinnest BlackBerry to date, and its stainless steel construction and excellent keyboard make it stand out in a world of plastic phones. Despite its size, it packs a 1. Excellent build quality and an updated software make the an extremely capable smartphone, but at a high price Jenneth Orantia turned her back on a lucrative career in law to pursue her unhealthy obsession with consumer technology.

She's known for having at least half a dozen of the latest gadgets on her person at a time, and once won a bottle of Dom Perignon for The Bold isn't for everyone. If you measure the worth of a smartphone by the number of apps and games that are available for it, or the ability to customise the interface with widgets, shortcuts and fancy 3D effects, then you'd best be on your bike This is one of five new BlackBerrys recently launched. It looks similar to a lot of current offerings from them but it has a faster processor so your email, Internet and messaging can be moved from one place to another even faster Applications on the BlackBerry Bold are stored in draws.

Superb design, Fantastic keyboard, Bright and crisp display No Flash support, Limited third-part app selection, UI sometimes confusing The BlackBerry Bold 's superb keyboard, fantastic design and great display make it without a doubt the best BlackBerry ever produced.

However, it's still very tough to recommend this over iPhone and Android alternatives when you take into account the The BlackBerry Bold is here to placate email addicts who were let down by the rather chunky BlackBerry Torch This is the only BlackBerry worth considering on features rather than low pricetag. Like the origin The touch-and-type Bold is the sleekest, zippiest BlackBerry to date, but there are key features missing, which business users would have loved to have had included.

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Smartphone users seem to be divided into two camps: Various phones have tried to straddle this gap, offering both options in one package, usually by taking a norma RIM's best smartphone yet, with the killer combination of a touchscreen and superb keyboard RIM's introduction of the BlackBerry Bold is a fusion of the past and the future; the design stylings echo the popular Bold of yesteryear, but with BB OS 7 on board, it's clearly a phone for the future.

It's packing a clever combination of Crystal clear screen, Well-built chassis, Excellent keyboard Sub-par battery life, Average camera One of the best BlackBerrys on the market, and likely to be a popular device over the next year for RIM We took a look at a SIM-free sample from Vodafone. Superb screen; good keyboard; fast processor; plenty of internal storage Feels like a catchup device rather than a true innovation. The BlackBerry Bold is an attractive device with some strong features. The BlackBerry Bold offers an upgraded operating system, solid specifications and good integration of a small touchscreen with the optical navigation pad and keyboard.

But battery life is poor — by RIM's standards if not by those of smartphones in Poor battery life, No Flash support, Some touchscreen issues, Poor placement of charge and headset connectors, microSD card access requires battery removal It was launched in August alongside two new Torch handsets and will be followed by three new Although far from the next-generation BlackBerry some were expecting, the Bold is a reasonably compelling upgrade for existing users suffering from iPhone or Android envy.

It may look like its predecessors, but the Bold Touch is a very different beast. The inclusion of a touch-screen means that things like the panel home screens finally come into their own, and we were really impressed with the incredibly efficient Speediest browser we've seen on a smartphone; universal inbox; amazingly easy to use; QWERTY keyboard and touch display work really well together Mediocre snapper; App World cannot compare with Apple and Android offerings This is a With Android steaming ahead of Apple in terms of sales, and Windows Phone 7 soon to launch on Nokia handsets, RIM has got its work cut out to make sure BlackBerry can stay relevant and desirable in these fast-paced times.

The slimmest BlackBerry yet: Keyboard, email, improved browser, great display Battery not great, some signs of lag and loss of finger tracking, camera performance behind average, apps selection not as comprehensive as big rivals The BlackBerry Bold is a device that will appeal greatly to BlackBerry fans, but outside of keyboard and email, consumers may find they get a lot more smartphone for their money elsewhere And the software, version seven for those who keep count of BlackBerry OS, is rather good.

It renders web pages with speed and accuracy, email and BBM is as robust as ever. With its faster processor and greatly improved screen the Bold is the best BlackBerry to date and well worth an upgrade for existing users.

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It looks and feels premium with a generously sized Qwerty and refreshed interface, while NFC is a bonus. RIM has not released a high-end smartphone for the best part of a year, and the firm's devices have struggled to compete with the likes of the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S II. The Canadian manufacturer is aiming to regain some ground this month by laun Great design and build quality, great touch screen functionality, excellent keyboard, NFC ready Internet browsing still sluggish at times and no Adobe Flash support, reduced battery power, tad pricey With an improved keyboard, internet browsing and NFC functionality, the Bold Touch has all the ingredients to remain the enterprise favourite.

The is not perfect, but it remains the the best candybar device on the market The BlackBerry Bold comes as something of a shock. You see, for years, BlackBerry has, in a sense, been catching up. That's not a dig at its parent company — it's practically royalty in push email and corporate handset circles. But it has been rare f OS 7 not much better than OS 6, No Flash video, Camera snaps could be better, Social networking could be better integrated, Function buttons are fiddly The Bold is certainly bold in its ambition.

It may fail in some places, but in the most part, it really impresses Research in Motion RIM have been getting some pretty heavy criticism recently and it is now time for another flagship device, the Bold The previous Bold, the , was just a rehash of the with a very few improved specs, so it is great t So, here we are at the end of another review and one I have really enjoyed doing. I have been using the Bold for three weeks upon finishing the review. If you saw our demo video of the device you would know that we were one of the first sites in t Stuff magazine Wed, Aug 17 , But RIM seems to If the new BlackBerry Bold had four wheels, it would be a retro car, like a Chrysler PT Cruiser or a new Volkswagen Beetle -- a way for RIM to sneak modern technologies into a body shell that looks nostalgically like the much-loved Bold from We were lucky enough to get some hands-on time with the new BlackBerry Bold Touch So, to sum that all up: I'm already a big fan of the Bold And it will probably be my next BlackBerry smartphone.

Now, I anxiously await the BlackBerry Bold release Expert video review For the ones that already worship at the altar of RIM, this is definitely the dream machine that Blackberry lovers will be looking for. Aside from this there might just have been enough juicy improvement that could well tempt users away from other platfor The 2.

The screen handles colors and light very well. I haven't had an issue with glare at midday and it is always appealing to view wallpaper Display, Looks, and Keypad We know it's the beginning of the year and life is starting to get hectic again, so we'll help you save time by telling you the verdict right away: The Bold is a great phone, the best BlackBerry handset so far. But do you want to know why?

Read on th TechPinas Gadget Review Series presents BlackBerry Bold Overview: BlackBerry Bold , being Research in Motion's current flagship handset, is the most powerful, most lavishly designed and putting its Porsche edition in another category t Touch is the new black.

This year, Reasearch In Motion released their new line of multi-touch smartphones that will carry the latest BlackBerry 7 Operating System. Back in the spo Don't go comparing it to iPhone and Android units. The Bold is an exceptional smartphone built for productivity and communication. BlackBerry Bold Touch Specs Read on and see our full review of the Bold We've been using a demo unit for the last week and we've had enough time with RIM's latest flags So is the BlackBerry Bold any good?

Like what I said earlier RIM made the best BlackBerry smartphone with the Bold because of the upgraded specs, Liquid Graphics Technology, better browsing, superb keypad, and the touchscreen experience.

While the battle for dominance in the smartphone market rages on, RIM is getting battered and bruised. Lagging behind the competition has left RIM with no choice but to expedite the development of their much awaited next generation, the QNX mobile platfor The BlackBerry Bold is the smartphone that BlackBerry users have been dreaming of, it looks classy and performs extremely well. The bump in screen resolution and processor speed has made the BlackBerry experience even better. Current BlackBerry users After all, the previous Bold models are seen as mediocre upgrades to the highly successful Bold BlackBerry phones have also been lagging BlackBerry phones have also been lagging b When Research in Motion RIM announced on 3rd August that it was having the biggest global launch of BlackBerry smartphones with more than partners around the world, we were eager to know if our sunny island would be one of them.

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